Mother's Day 2024

Worship artist and author Christy Nockels joins us this Mother's Day. Christy shared a beautiful message on the power of legacy to transform lives. Your song is your legacy and it's meant to be lasting!

Scripture References & Transcript

Well, we have a special treat today. Uh, we have Christie Nockels who’s going to be speaking with us. Uh, Christie is an accomplished a musical artist. Uh, you, you will recognize a whole bunch of the different songs that she’s done over the years. She’s also an author. Uh, she’s a great Christian speaker. She’s a very prolific Christian songwriter. Uh, so even some songs you would know are songs that she might not have sung on, but she had a hand in helping create and write. And it’s a special privilege on this Mother’s Day because we have her whole family that gets to share Mother’s Day with us. It’s like the Von Troop family. We got. All of ’em are gonna be up here singing together, which is pretty cool. Uh, and Christy and Nathan Knuckles, they were part of the, the band watermark. And while we don’t know each other, uh, we have a little bit of mutual history.

Back in 1998, I was in eighth grade and I attended a youth camp. That youth camp was for First Baptist Church of Katy. Uh, we went to San Marcus Baptist Encampment. And back in the day in the nineties, you, you had this, this small group of Christian artists between Oklahoma and Texas that they just did every camp. They just kinda roped around in a circle. And at that camp in 1998, when I was in eighth grade, Nathan and Christie Knuckles had just become watermark. And they were the worship leaders that led worship at our youth camp. And two profound things happened in my life that week. The first was that on one of the nights of, of worship, Nathan is playing the guitar and he breaks his string. And so as a result of breaking the string, they, they had to just kind of stall for time for a moment. And so as they were stalling for time, Christy sepsis in the microphone and she says, uh, I want to teach you a stupid human trick. And I didn’t know what eighth grade, what a stupid human trick was. And she said, I can make it sound like I’m stuck inside of a closet. And as an eighth grader, I was like, what does that even mean? And, and then she did this at the microphone. She goes like this. She goes,

You it. Get ready here instead. Easy.

And as an eighth grader that changed my life. I mean, just blew my mind. I thought that was the coolest trick that I had ever seen. And so I went up to her afterwards, I said, can you teach me o ob one how to do that? And I learned how clearly to, to sound like I’ve stuck in the closet. But what, what I didn’t know at that time is that I would then go into children’s ministry. Uh, I I started working in a church when I was 15 and for 15, for the next 20 years, I worked in kids in youth ministry. And if you were in children’s ministry, what oftentimes has to happen is you’re stalling for time. You’re just filling. And what I started bringing outta my back pocket all the time was, Hey, do you guys know any stupid human tricks? And I have Christie Nachos to think for 20 years of using help, I’m stuck in a closet. Yeah, yeah. That’s the weirdest round of applause ever for that. But, you know, uh, the second thing is that that camp was instrumental in my life. So I was in eighth grade and it was in eighth grade at the camp that they led worship in that I responded to a call to, to commit my life, to be in full-time Christian ministry for the rest of my life. And so Watermark and Nathan and Christian uncles have been a, a huge influence on my life. And so we are privileged to have them here with us today at Cherry Hills Community Church. Let’s give them a warm, warm welcome.

Well, the, the Chapel Service this morning wasn’t ready for me to follow up and kind of, you know, do the stupid human trick, but the last service was okay with it. Are you okay with it? Um, I don’t wanna leave Kurt hanging. So I just learned of this connection this morning and so <laugh>, but I told him he needs to work on like the knock beforehand. You have to go.

What did the Closets <laugh>?

Well, happy Mother’s Day to all of you, um, mamas out there. Um, how many of you, uh, I got a see show of hands, like really sleepy mamas, anybody? Yes. Um, you’re doing great. And I promise you, you will sleep again. Um, and all your work is gonna be worth it. Um, how about seasoned mamas this morning? Just you’ve been holding a lot together for a really long time, <laugh>, you’re doing great. And I hope today’s a day of rest for you and that you will know that God is the one that’s holding you together and um, you get to rest in that. Um, well today, um, does bring some tenderness and sadness for me. Actually, this is my first Mother’s day without my mama. We lost her the night before Thanksgiving, just a couple months ago. And, um, I’m really standing here because God’s grace is more.

Um, my dad would tell you that her husband of 57 years, that God’s grace has been more at every turn, um, through the pain and the loss. And even whatever you’ve carried in this morning, I know all of us are just at least have one thing that maybe you’re just having to really trust the Lord with His grace is more. And, um, I’m super grateful for the unified prayers of my parents. When I think about just even standing here, my dad’s at home with our two pups, our dogs. He’s praying over this morning. And um, I think about their unified prayers all my life of just praying. They always prayed every day by name for me, all our us kids and the grandkids for provision that God would provide for our needs, not our greeds. And he prayed, protect, they prayed protection in agreement and they prayed that we would passionately pursue what God has for us.

The, the works that prepared in advance for us. Like Ephesians two 10 says, they pray that every day for all of us by name. But this is our family. Uh, this is Nathan, my husband. Um, we just decided we’re selling, yeah, 28 years. It’s gonna be 29 this summer. And this is what we’ve gotten to do. Um, our whole lives together is just, um, minister together and it’s been super sweet and it’s been awesome to invite our kids into that through the years. This is our oldest son. He is Noah, Luke. Can y’all welcome him? And then our Eliana, she’s over there. Can you wave Eliana? Um, obviously Noah’s a musician and um, Eliana’s an incredible artist. Uh, if you saw her paintings like your mouth would drop open for real. I tell her she paints like she’s like 70 years old, like she’s been doing it that long.

Um, she’s an incredible artist. And then this is our youngest Annie Rose and she’s gonna be leading with us this morning. And um, our kids really are our favorite adventure, um, of all the things we’ve gotten to do together. But I also wanna just assure you that we are, we’re super normal <laugh>. We’re just a normal family, right? Um, we might be up here on a stage, but we are growing together. Um, we sit in teachable moments, even just recently. Um, hard conversations sometimes we’re just a normal family. But what I can tell you is that we’re looking to Jesus together in these days. And all the conversations we have, we do end up there every time. Just let’s look to Jesus together because he can not only handle all of our questions and um, our longings and hardships, but he’s the answer to all of them.

But we’re gonna lead a song this morning that’s gonna be familiar to you. Um, but I wanna share the backstory behind it ’cause I think it’s really special and I want it to kind of be the way that the Lord leads us this morning. But um, I wrote this song around a farm table one night with a group of friends back in 2010. Um, we were riding together, had been together that whole day. We had shared meals together. We had been our faces together, literally praying for a conference that we were gonna lead at upcoming called Passion Conference. And Nathan and I were a part of that for 20 years. Um, and often in the fall we would meet together, we would write, we would ask the Lord for songs like, what are the songs you want in the mouths of your people right now?

And this was one of them. I remember I sat around that farm table. We had just shared a meal. The sun was going down and you know how it feels like, just like a veil lifts at night. It was really beautiful. And we all just had our bibles and, and we kind of just stopped and we listened for a little bit just what is the prayer maybe of the student that we were writing for? What’s the individual prayer rather than seeing a mass of people like what’s the individual prayer? And as we just sat for a little bit, a friend just piped in and he said, I think it’s, Lord I need you. And I just thought about this morning how that may be the prayer of a lot of mamas. I know it is mine this morning. That prayer just, I need you Lord.

I I think that the Lord loves that posture of our hearts, that we need them. And I remember the verse in the chorus of the song came together and um, we just were looking for the bridge at that point of the song like, is there a bridge? What does it need to say? How does it need to feel? And there was a song that had been rising up in my heart at that time and I was a little bit, you know, not sure about singing it, but I hadn’t been singing it on a stage. But I’d been singing it in the rocking chair at night. ’cause Andy was still a toddler at that point. This was probably 2009, 2010.

And it was in that season. I had just started writing again. I had just started leading worship and traveling a little bit. The Lord had asked me to lay down my career for about five years and to teach me how to be still, um, to teach me how to look to him, to teach me how to see my kids for who they are. Not just these little beings that need something from me all the time, but just like who they really are. And in that so beautiful. But he was teaching me to be his kid again and to remember my great need of him and letting my song rise to him. So around the table that night, I was the only woman actually around that table that was all men, husbands, couple of them fathers at that point. And I remember I sang out part of my rocking chair song, teach My Song To Rise to You.

And I’ll never forget my friend Matt Ma, he was sitting next to me and he just looked at me square in the face and he just boisterously sang out what I just sung <laugh>. And I’ve learned a lot about Matt as a songwriter. What he does, it’s so cool. It’s like he, especially he can tell you’re just kind of a little timid about your idea. He will just try your idea on like a jacket and just like strut around the room with it on <laugh>. And he did that. And as he did, he sang out and his big baritone voice teach my song to Rise to You. And then a friend just said, sing out when temptation comes my way and then another when I cannot stand, I’ll fall on you ’cause Jesus, you’re my hope and stay. It was just like we finished each other’s sentences around the table, which is what being with the people of God should be like. I hope that’s what this morning is like. And we’re just gonna sing this together as a way of just our song rising to the Lord in this moment. Whatever we’re carrying, whatever it is.

I, so, and

Well of course I’m gonna talk to you, mom is in the room today, but I really do think that this is maybe for all of us. Um, and it’s the truth that your life sings. Your life sings and the song of your life was created to bring glory to God. But it was also created to bring others into glory. And what I mean by that is your song is your legacy. And it’s meant to be lasting your life, your story, your worship. It has weight and meaning because ultimately the song of your life, it’s, it’s a melody that is part of a greater song that’s being sung by all creation even today. And it’s a song that will spill over into the lives of those that you’re caring for as well as the generation that’s coming up behind you.

And out of honor of my own precious mama today, I can tell you this, her life staying and at her celebration service, I got to share three stanzas of her life song at the celebration. I compared them to a spiritual strand of pearls that was like her life that represented a legacy that the Lord has used to guide me and shape me. And it’s as if there were three larger pearls at the center and they were this seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness. I watched my mama lean into that her entire life, this unseen kingdom of God and put all of her weight and her trust in him and he was truly the king of her heart. And the next one is to see the needs of others and respond. I can’t tell you how many like little mission adventures I went on with my mom and just our hometown.

She was a pastor’s wife. My dad has been a pastor my whole life and has usually just sat pretty quiet. But her life sang pretty loud when it came to the things that she knew how to do. Well one of those was sewing. She actually sewed all of my bridesmaids dresses. Can you imagine that? I had like eight bridesmaids. And then she would often find a little girl in our church that she knew maybe wouldn’t get a brand new Easter dress that year. And she would every year sew that little girl in Easter dress and I would get to go with her and help take the measurements, help her pick out the fabric, and then we would get to go deliver that dress to that little girl and watch her try it on and twirl around.

So beautiful. Sometimes we would take groceries to a single mom, whatever it was, I saw her see the needs of others and respond. And then last but not least, I saw her suffer well for the glory of God. And I’ll talk about that in a little bit. But you know, as I’ve reflected on her life and her legacy, as you could imagine, I’ve been reflecting on my own life, my own legacy. What is that spiritual strand of pearls that I’m gonna leave my children and their children’s children? But I can honestly tell you that there was a time in my life and it was actually in early motherhood that the Lord really in his mercy came to my rescue to honestly preserve my heart and my song.

He came in his mercy and he actually let me hit a wall of exhaustion. <laugh>, how many of you have been there burnout? Actually now I just get excited for people when they say I’m really burned out because I’ve learned that an exhausted heart is a readied heart. And God came after me and kind of let me hit that wall. He let me come to the end of myself knowing that I just, I couldn’t do it all. All of a sudden I had these kids and I’d always wanted kids, but it was like, wow, okay, life is different now. But in his mercy he came and I was very busy living for him. I love, I love him. I have my whole life, I’ve known him since I was seven, but I really didn’t know how to live from him. And with him I could sing for him all day.

But in that season of my life I really didn’t know just how to sit with him. And he wanted to teach me that. And much like the pearls in the song of my mother’s life, he wanted me to learn how to seek first the kingdom, which actually looks like seeking him first. And to do that he would hem me in with needing to care for my littles. And it was right where he wanted me because I couldn’t do all that I wanted to do. But he wanted me to learn in those days how to be his beloved. How to just simply be his before I was trying to make him known just to be his again, to be found completely content and loved in his presence, even in the most un unproductive days and moments of my life. And I hate to say it, but my walk with the Lord in that season was just a little bit all or nothing.

I found that if I couldn’t do the, the latest big Bible study that all my friends were doing, that I would just often kind of do nothing in terms of connection with God or just that actively abiding in him. And he just came after me. I’m so grateful. I’ll never forget in that season I got to meet this lady named Terry Price. And um, I had already laid down my career for about five years at that time. And um, so hearing music come up through the vents of our home from my husband’s studio downstairs, um, was often just kind of a bittersweet thing. And I’ll never forget, he came up to the stairs one day and he said, Hey, there’s this lady downstairs, she’s a songwriter, she’s a country writer, she wants to know actually if you’ll sing this demo. And I was like, I mean I barreled down those stairs.

I was so excited to get to just sing, you know, and I’ll never forget meeting her. And I was just so intrigued by her. And she’s began to tell me how she had has nine kids and she homeschooled them all. And here she was writing country songs and I’m just like, can we have coffee? Like, who are you? And we did, I’ll never forget sitting with her at the local coffee shop and my eyes just filled up with tears as I looked at her and was like, how do you do it all? I needed like a wall chart for my laundry room, you know, wall I needed to know, like I need to check the boxes off. That’s what I was looking for. I wasn’t ready for her to actually look at me and with tears in her eyes ’cause she was still just in the thick of it too. She looked at me and she said, Christy, all I know to do is invite the glorious into the mundane.

She said, I take every mundane task that I can and can think to and I just use it to meet with the Lord. And he meets me there. She said, I write songs on my laundry room floor. She said, I pray for my kids. I pray to him when I’m folding their laundry. Every little article of clothing I pray over them. And she’s like, he meets me there. It’s beautiful. And I’ll never forget driving home in my minivan, which was like, became my sanctuary in that season. I literally called it my sanctuary. I probably wrote goodness, 40 songs in that minivan. I cried the day we sold it. But behind that steering wheel, I’m just tears streaming down my face and I’m like, Lord, if this is true, then there’s just no excuse then. If you can really meet me anytime, anywhere, I invite you to do that.

And so he invited me to do that just to begin to meet with him since there was nowhere to hide anymore from his glorious art for me. And I would find his glorious heart for me was that he wanted to teach my song to rise to him before it ever fell on anybody else’s ears. And I’ve heard it said that singing to God is the ultimate reconciliation of our heart To his isn’t that beautiful? But to sing to someone we kind of gotta know who we’re singing to, right? We’ve gotta look to him first to sing and have a lasting song. We have to see him and see him first. I ended up actually writing a book about that season of my life, um, many, many years later. In fact, I just released it a few years ago. So it was sweet to get to reflect on that season.

The book’s called The Life You Long for Learning to Live From A Heart of Rest. And there’s a chapter in it called Those Who Look to Him. And in that chapter I kind of started out by telling you a kind of a funny story, a little bit of just like feeling like I was a professional juggler with all that I had on my plate. Can I get a witness with the mamas? Um, you dads too. Sometimes we feel like professional jugglers, right? And just all that we’re having to hold together. And in that season I just truly felt like an epic failure. And I’m pretty honest about it in the book about what I just kind of give you the like a play by play on one of my mornings of what that looked like and how I kind of return to the heart of God.

I kind of just give you that process in that chapter. But you know, I wanna speak into that place of feeling, that sense of failure for just a second because that just landed on me even as I was preparing and praying or this morning and maybe some of you season mamas. You know, I know for myself I deal with regret. I deal with wishing I would’ve, wishing I had done this or that when the kids were little and feeling like a failure in certain areas, even now as I’m raising young adult children. And, and, and the Lord really came and just sang over me a few years ago, something that was just such a breath of fresh air. And I hope it is for you and I hope you let it wash over you today. Sing over you today. But he just said, Christy, would you just own what you need to own and let the rest go? Meaning would you just come confess to me, whatever it is, I’m here faithful and just to forgive if it’s your kids, if you need to go say, I’m sorry I I failed you on this or I I could have done better on this. Like he’s just like, just go own what you need to own with me and with others and then anything that’s outside of your control or your confession, let it go. Amen. Like good.

Well as I was juggling a lot in that season, I actually, this is like the teacher in me and the podcaster in me actually because I often will just use real life examples like that in my podcast for my listeners. And so, because it felt like I was juggling, I actually remember we were on our way to dinner that night, I tell you that morning as an epic failure. And I started looking up the secrets to juggling. And of course Whitney know it, they’re like profound. I’m just gonna share one of you, one with you. But um, here’s the first official rule of juggling. And this was on like a, you know, official like juggling site I guess <laugh>. You cannot keep your eyes on what you are juggling. You must lift your eyes to see the arc or the full picture. Isn’t that beautiful?

When we look to God, we remember more and more who he truly is, the bigger story and then who we are because of who he is. Psalm 34, 5, it promises us, those who look to him are radiant. Their faces are never covered with shame. When we look to him, the eyes of our heart meet our creator’s eyes and he’s the one who loves us and knows us. And I love this, that he’s the one who trusts his own strength for us and he’s ready to hand it out and provide it as we surrender to him. One of my favorite books, um, is a w Tozers The Pursuit of God. And he actually spends a whole chapter on this of looking to God what that looks like and how looking to God and believing on God are actually one in the same. And he says this.

Now, if faith is the gaze of the heart at God and this gazes, but the raising of the inward eyes to meet the all seeing eyes of God, then it follows that it is one of the easiest things possible to do. It would be like God to make the most vital thing easy and place it within the range of possibility for the weakest and poorest of us. And that beautiful, the most vital thing to look to him today, he makes it accessible and attainable for us. And again, it’s just that invitation, the glorious and the mundane. That’s what I ended up actually naming my podcast. The glorious and the Mundane because it’s where I began to meet with him. And whether it was the carpool line or the kitchen sink or just getting ready in the morning, I began to learn that those who look to him, we hear the God song.

Zephaniah three 17 says this, the Lord your God is in your midst. He’s with you in the mundane, a mighty one who will save. He will rejoice over you with gladness. He will quiet you with his love. He will exalt over you with loud singing. That word exalt means to go round, to be excited, to levity, to rejoice. It’s beautiful isn’t it? To think of him like that, right? It’s unusual for some of us. I think it’s easier. I know for me sometimes to believe that God’s singing over my kids or my friends, but it’s harder to believe he’s really singing over me.

But it’s been my experience that those who begin to look to him and that becomes a pattern in our lives. We receive his God song over us, we begin to receive it, not just once but every day. And by that I mean solitude in his presence. And I know for you young mamas with littles, you’re just like, yeah, even if you just have 10 minutes and you husbands of mamas with littles, just give her 10 minutes. And how I like to look at that time is just, if I really only have this much time and I’ve gotta go, go, go in the morning, I love to think that I’m starting a conversation with the Lord, that I’m just gonna carry throughout the day. My kids just learned in the minivan and it’s like we would just be singing or be talking, they’d be watching a movie and all of a sudden mama’s praying and it’s like, oh, we’re praying <laugh>. ’cause I just learned to just finish that conversation with him all throughout the day and it was beautiful. But receiving that God song is just looking into his word, understanding his heart, his character, what’s true of him and what’s true of you again because of who he is.

And as we begin to receive that God song and hear it and sing it, even it’s fresh on our minds and our hearts, it even our mouths. My friend Matt Redmond always says, we when we see we sing, I love that. And our song begins to rise to this God, whatever it is, whatever we need to trust him with that day, maybe it’s those things we need to own with him. Just letting our song rise doesn’t have to be a literal song. It could be a literal song, I hope it is, but can also just be, I need you, God, today here’s what I need to trust you with. Here’s my to-do list. I’m putting it before you. Psalm 27, 4 through six. It shows this beautiful progression of seeing and singing. I love this one thing, have I asked of the Lord that I will seek after that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life to gaze upon the beauty of the Lord and to inquire in his temple to see what it’s about for He will hide me in his shelter in the day of trouble, he will conceal me under the cover of his tent.

He will lift me high upon a rock and now my head shall be lifted up even above my enemies all around me. And here it is. And I will offer in his tent sacrifices with shouts of joy, I will sing and make melody to the Lord. It’s a beautiful progression, isn’t it?

Gazing upon the beauty of the Lord, seeing him for who he is, his beauty, remembering He is our shelter, our covering, the one who lifts us high upon a rock. And then what happens? Our head is lifted up and we sing and make melody. But what’s so beautiful is we begin to live like this as is beloved. And we begin to see, just see him for who he is and sing of who he is. We start to resing over others who he is. When we begin to live as that beloved child of his again, we begin to see others differently. I believe that same progression happened with my mama’s life and her seeking first the kingdom. She was quickened to see the needs of others and respond. And her eyes were lifted to that bigger story and her ears were tuned in that greater song, the God song over her life. And she sang it over me. She’s the one who actually led me to the Lord when I was seven. And, and then to think I’m here just singing it over you today.

Once we truly receive his song as those who look to him, his heart over us, we just start be beginning to be able to, I like to think just effortlessly singing that over others or just seeing others and asking the Lord, what do you want me to speak into their life today? Um, sweet story. When my kids were little, um, when I would be putting them down, you know, at night often, of course I would as you know, rock them in the rocking chair and sing to them. And uh, Noah, our oldest, had a favorite song. It was some of you might remember, love Him in the morning when you see the Sun arising. Well, he called that song Minimum Morning. He was like, mom, can you sing minimum in the morning? And I said, okay. In our, our second Eliana, our artist, she’s very, um, just collected and just always at, at ease.

And, and even as a little kid, she wouldn’t necessarily call out her, her requests to me, but she was just kind of happy to sit in whatever I thought of. But now I know her better that she probably had like an all request hours just shoved under her crib mattress. But, um, our youngest Danny Rose, she was just, you know, the third child. So she was gladly just to call out her request, no problems. Um, and one night I was putting her down, I had rocked her in the rocking chair later in her crib, she was probably around two, two and a half and she used to suck these two fingers all the time. And so every picture we have is Annie with these two fingers in her mouth. But the funny thing is, is when she wasn’t sucking her fingers, she would just hold them out to the side when she’s talking to you. So this night, I mean she was chatty in her crib and it was like she was just taking a smoke break in her crib and she said, she said, sing a song. And I said, well use your manners. You need to say please. And she was like, please. And so I began to sing a song that Nathan and I had just written around that time. I was thinking,

Almighty Fortress is our

God. I was looking at her,

Uh, sacred refuges,

Your name, you know, trying to be a good mama, just like worship over my kids. And she takes those two fingers out and she says, can you sing all to single ladies


Those you’re singing over don’t always know the God song. So <laugh>, you gotta sing it over ’em. Um, yeah, kids will humble you. Um, but I’ll close with this. I shared earlier about the pearls in my mother’s life and her legacy and how she suffered well for the glory of God. And I’ll never forget the day about four years ago that she called me to confirm her cancer diagnosis. And she said, but I was reading this morning, she didn’t even skip a beat. She said, I was reading in Psalm 1 18 24 where it says, this is the day that the Lord is made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it. And that verse sounds really basic and simple until it includes a day that has a cancer diagnosis. And she went on to say Christy, he he made even this day and he knew all that it would entail. She said, I’m gonna choose to rejoice because he made even this day and he loves me. And she said, I trust him. And she said, all my days were numbered before any one of them came to be. And I remember thinking, sitting there with just tears rolling down my cheeks.

That’s the kind of resolve and rest of those who look to him, we remember the God song Come, what May My Mama Remembered The God Song even in that day. I can’t get that picture outta my mind right now of, of Matt Maher my friend, as I was telling you that he just boisterously sang out my little nursery rocking chair song and it was like we went from a lullaby to a war cry. In that picture I think is beautiful for all of us today because I think that it represents what God loves to do with the song and legacy of our lives. When we offer it up to him for his glory and his fame, it gets belted out and carried on. I like to think God just, he inhabits it. He puts it on, walks around with it. Psalm 43 says this, he put a new song in my mouth, a hymn of praise to our God. Many will see and fear the Lord and put their trust in him. And that beautiful, the Song of our Lives, a hymn of praise of our lives has the power to lead others to glory that they might see and fear the Lord and put their trust in him. What a lasting legacy. Those who look to him

Receiving resing and remembering the God song even in these days that we’re living in and singing it out. Let’s pray together. God, I thank you for this moment to stand in this place of your grace being more over our lives and

We believe the days are urgent and just seems like in everywhere we turn, it just seems like this is the hour, Lord, for the song of our lives to be sung out in a way that gets belted out and carried on and over those that we’re to care for, but also over those coming up behind us. And so just pray over every person in this room, Lord, that you would set apart our song for you today. That it would be literally something that we take time to do later on today with you. Just say, God, teach my song to rise to you, and would you use it in the lives of those around me? Set apart our song for you Lord, but also for those that you still want to bring into your fold into your heart. Thank you for who you are, that you are a God who sings over us. We receive that today. We receive your mercy and how you do come after our hearts, how we love you Lord Jesus’ name. Amen. Bless you.