We believe Jesus has given His church a mission: Lives and eternities changed (Matthew 28)! We are also convinced that Jesus wants His church to be defined by love: Love expressed up in worship, love experienced down in discipleship, and love extended out in mission. If you are passionate about seeing lives and eternities changed and sense a call to be a part of what God is doing through Cherry Hills Community Church, we would love to connect with you. Please apply below for the role you are interested in exploring, and we will follow up with you!

Current job opportunities


Payroll & Benefits Manager

Full Time

The Payroll & Benefits Manager at Cherry Hills Community Church manages payroll and benefits with precision and compliance. Working closely with the CFO and HR team, this position is key in processing employee compensation, managing benefits, and leading risk management. Payroll & Benefits Manager also takes on critical accounting tasks, supports the annual audit, and ensures organizational compliance and financial integrity. Through these responsibilities, the role embodies the church's commitment to serving its community and staff with excellence and integrity.

Next Generation

Early Childhood Coordinator

Part time

The Early Childhood Coordinator equips children from birth through preschool to grow spiritually and powerfully experience the love of Christ by coordinating the administrative and logistic support for the Early Childhood ministry, participating in the recruitment and onboarding of volunteers, and ensuring children and their families are well-served.

Early Childhood Caretaker

Part Time

The Early Childhood Caretaker assures that kids and their families powerfully experience the love of Christ by creating a welcoming environment during drop off and pick up, and by ensuring a nurturing and safe experience for infants, crawlers and early walkers during Sunday services.


Worship Leader

Full Time

The Worship Leader leads worship in Sunday services, leads and oversees NextGen worship, and partners with the Worship Pastor to design and execute high impact services that connect people to the power and presence of Jesus.


KidZone Childcare Worker

Part-time, On-call

The role of the KidZone Childcare Worker is to interact and provide care for children participating in KidZone programs. KidZone is our childcare program that allows parents to attend many studies and groups to grow in their faith while their kids are cared for. The KidZone Childcare Worker provides a safe and loving environment for kids to grow and experience the love of God while ensuring that children and their families are well-served.