Communication Requests

Setting expectations

Our internal request policy & how it applies to you

The communications team...

Creates Policy

The Communications Team provides parameters of acceptability that serve as guardrails for content and design, enabling Ministry Leaders to drive content generation and resource production according to those guardrails.

The team provides policy, makes revisions to policy as necessary, and addresses policy violations with supervisors as needed. Policy guardrails apply to all projects.

Influences design & creative decisions

The Communications Team functions as a consultant to internal customers, building upon the guardrails established through policy by offering additional support through influence. 

They consult as requested, sharing expertise and influencing through relationship. They don’t have authority beyond policy, but they do have a voice at the table to influence, consult, guide, and educate.

Executes creative projects

The Communications Team builds upon the guardrails established through policy, offering support with the creation and execution of a deliverable. The team’s role is to create and execute the deliverable; they execute the project from start to finish, working in a collaborative manner that results in consensus and satisfaction on the internal customer’s part. 

The ministry leader...

Develops project plans

The ministry leader is responsible for creating a comprehensive plan that the creative team will be able to use to create deliverables. Most of the crucial aspects of a project plan (like deadlines and purpose of the project) will be included in the request form, but any additional info should be communicated to the team.

Submits Requests

Once the leader has a clear grasp on their project details, they should submit a request through the form on this page.

Provides feedback

The leader should provide detailed feedback on any deliverables submitted so that the Communications Team can provide the best design possible. Often, two or three rounds of feedback and revisions will be required to achieve the desired result.

Approves final deliverables

Final approval is up to the ministry leader — while the communications team provides their creative recommendations, the customer is still responsible for the final decision, as well as implementing the final deliverable in the appropriate context.

Project Timeline

Here's a basic timeline to help you plan ahead for submitting creative requests.

Week One

Customer completes pre-work, including a detailed brief with due dates and project deliverables.

Weeks 2-3

The Communications team develops an initial design.

Weeks 4-5

The customer reviews designs, provides feedback, and finalizes design decisions.

Weeks 6-7

For print projects, the customer and Communications Team work together to finalize layouts.

Weeks 8-9

Projects with physical deliverables will be sent for production.

Week 10

At this stage, any helpful feedback will be shared between the customer and Communications Team.

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