Mentoring - Women of Influence

Leader: Marcia Schultz

Have you ever noticed that a relationship with Christ can be joyful, comforting, painful, confusing and challenging – sometimes all at once?

Our relationship with Christ is dynamic – sometimes we need to connect with those who can encourage us. At other times, we feel God’s call to offer our love and support to others. We may have the desire to grow in biblical knowledge and understanding and/or share what we learn with another. By connecting in mentoring relationships, we experience a powerful opportunity to learn what it means what to walk hand in hand with Christ and to serve one another.


With Christ through other women. With other women seeking encouragement. With the woman in you who desires an honest, God-centered relationship.


How to make Jesus more real in your life. How to benefit from another woman’s experience. How God works and reveals himself through you and others.


As a participant in a relationship designed to model and deepen authentic connection with Christ. As an example of willingness, reaching out to other women in the name of Christ. As a coach, encourager or model.


Marcia Schultz
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